Zero Energy Housing

Summary Phase I:
As part of the ongoing zero-energy housing research at the Geiger Research Institute, the main goal of Phase I is to introduce the primary strategies, and provide links to general guidelines and key principles that can be applied to a wide variety of house designs. Phase II will provide a finished house design that incorporates these concepts.

Zero-energy Housing Strategies:
1. Build small
2. Efficient use of space
3. Low-embodied energy building materials (primarily locally available, natural materials)
4. Superinsulation
5. Balance of mass and insulation
6. Multiple use features (serve more than one purpose)
7. Lifestyle change of inhabitants
8. Maximum solar design
9. Appropriate technology
10. Energy-efficient appliances and fixtures
11. Energy and resource-efficient shape
12. Safe and healthy design

Strawbale construction: www.grisb.org/publications/pub21.doc

Strawbale construction comes of age: www.grisb.org/publications/pub23.pdf

Strawbale FAQ: http://strawbuilding.org/sb/faq.html

Embedded energy in strawbale housing: www.grisb.org/publications/pub27.doc

Potential savings from alternative building methods: www.grisb.org/publications/pub9.doc

Traditional building: Shelter Sketchbook by John Taylor

Vernacular architecture: Built by Hand by Bill and Athena Steen, and Eiko Komats

Energy-efficiency upgrades: www.grisb.org/publications/pub4.doc

Shallow frost-protected foundations: www.grisb.org/publications/pub26.pdf

Earthbag construction: www.greenhomebuilding.com/earthbag.htm

Small diameter wood: www.grisb.org/publications/pub2.htm

Rice hulls for ceiling insulation: www.thelaststraw.org/backissues/articles/Rice%20Hull%20House.pdf

Earth-cooled pantry: coming soon

Tractor cob: www.grisb.org/publications/pub22.htm

Tamped earth floors: www.grisb.org/publications/pub11.htm

Earthen plaster: www.thelaststraw.org/bonus-articles/earthplaster.html

Solar water heaters: Fireball lightweight solar collectors

Solar heating: Directions on how to build your own solar heating panel

Solar wall ovens: http://solarcooking.org/walloven.htm

Passive solar design: www.nesea.org/buildings/passive.html, www.consumerenergycenter.org/homeandwork/homes/construction/solardesign.html, www.nmsea.org/Passive_Solar/Passive_Solar_Design.htm, www.eere.energy.gov/consumerinfo/factsheets/passive_solar.html

Small-scale wind generators: www.absak.com/basic/wind-power.html, www.eere.energy.gov/consumerinfo/reading_resources/vi3.html

Improved Cookstoves – CD on cookstoves, ovens and rocket stoves http://store.yahoo.com/dirtcheapbuilderbooks/cdstovrost.html

Rocket Stoves: www.dirtcheapbuilder.com/rostforcobbu.html

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