dome home

Features of this Low Energy House Design

* The long axis of the house runs east to west so that a large area of glazing can be provided on the north wall.
* Minimum glazing on east and south walls and no glazing on the west wall.
* North facing windows protected in summer by shade battens or deciduous vines on pergola.
* Concrete slab-on-ground with edge beam insulation - acts as a heat sink in summer and a heat store in winter.
* Dark ceramic or quarry tiles on floors in living areas.
* Dense evergreen planting next to the west wall to provide shade against the hot summer sun and a wind barrier against cold winter winds.
* Front door protected from prevailing south westerly winds in winter.
* Carport on south side creates a pocket of cooler air for summer cross ventilation.
* Metal deck roof with R3.5 batts on ceiling and R1.5 blanket with double sided reflective foil laminate insulation under roofing.

The 3 most important concepts are

1. Glass

* An energy efficient house has larger windows facing north to capture the Sun's free solar energy.
* North facing windows are the most important in your home. They can gain more heat during the day than they lose at night and make your home bright and cheerful.
* Design them to admit sun’s warmth in Winter.
* Appropriate width eaves can reduce overheating in Summer
* South facing windows are also important but not from a heating point of view.
* They are useful for admitting natural light and to allow cross ventilation during summer.

2. Mass

* Have plenty of mass to absorb and store the Sun's energy for use when the sun isn't shining!

3. Insulation

* Once your home is cosy and warm, adequate insulation will keep the heat from escaping.